Using Your Micro Video Camera For Recreational Purposes

Your micro video camera can be used for recreational purposes, too! Just because it is used for monitoring nannies and employees, cheating husbands and erring children, cops and robbers, does not necessarily mean that it cannot be used for good, clean fun, too! Here is how.

Remote Controlled Toys

If you attach a micro video camera to a remote controlled toy, you will get a feeling akin to playing a racing video game. The only visible difference is that instead of virtual landscapes, you will be navigating real terrain.

You can attach a micro video camera to the nose of your toy helicopter or plane and watch your neighborhood park and your yard from a totally different perspective! You can control the toy to zoom around the neighborhood just so you can get to know the layout more. Just be very careful that you do not exceed the limits on objective expectation of privacy and other laws lest you find yourself in a totally different neighborhood, otherwise known as the jailhouse.

As to your toy car, you can also attach the micro video camera inside it. Watch how grass looks from an ant's point of view, almost like being in the "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" movie! You never know when you can use the footage for your very own "shrinking" home movie, right?

You should look for a camera that can be plugged into the receiver as power source or a camera that can be used with a Y splitter. The idea is that your tiny camera will operate on the same battery as that of the toy vehicle.

Practical Jokes

If you are a fan of gag shows like "Candid Camera", a micro video camera is the right tool to get you started on a career as a practical joker. Just remember that your practical jokes must never endanger the lives of the targets; go easy on scare jokes for old people, weights falling down on heads, and other potentially fatal pranks.

You can position the hidden camera in a strategic place - opposite the doorway when the joke involves door pranks like stacking up books to block the entryway, up above the ceiling for better coverage, inside the bathroom for monsters-popping-up-on-the-toilet-seat pranks, and other places you deem good for capturing the action. Again, be mindful of privacy issues.

Voyeuristic Tendencies

This is an extreme in recreational purposes for a micro video camera. You are endangering your freedom in exchange for satisfying your sexual kicks. Then again, America has always been about "each to his own", right?

There a few things you need to remember on voyeurism. You are invading the privacy of the individuals you are videotaping without their consent. As such, you can be prosecuted and jailed for violating the laws. You might be able to hide pinhole cameras to become a high-tech peeping Tom but only under the cloud of a felony (and more than 12 years of prison time for some crimes) hanging over your head.

Is it not better to play with toys and jokes than with privacy issues? The next time you think of using your pinhole cameras for recreation, try to stay within the confines of decency and of the law.


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