Novelty Duvet Covers

So what would you expect to be the best selling novelty duvet covers in the UK? Have you ever looked at novelty duvet sets?

Let's take a quick look at some of the best selling novelty duvet covers on Amazon and the rest of the Internet. Some of these may surprise you, some of these may shock you and some of these may have caught your attention in the past.

Hello Kitty bedding

Those who have even looked at selling bedding in the UK would be well aware that Hello Kitty is one of the strongest brand names in the merchandise market. It has a history which goes back many years now and there are literally hundreds and hundreds of different products all from the officially licensed Hello Kitty merchandise range. This is a character which seems to go from strength to strength.

Peppa Pig duvet set

The Peppa Pig duvet set is yet another novelty duvet which continues to sell very well despite the fact that the character hit the headlines some time ago. There are very few in the children's merchandise arena that continue to sell many years after their introduction but there is no doubt that Peppa Pig is still extremely popular.

Doctor Who bedding

Whether or not you believe Doctor Who today is as popular as it has been in the past there is no doubt that many children still ask for Doctor Who bedding and Doctor Who duvet covers in particular. When you take a look at the quality of these products, from the officially licensed BBC merchandise range, it is no surprise they are very popular and still great sellers to this day.

Perfect Body duvet cover

It has to be said that the Perfect Body duvet cover is perhaps the best known of the novelty duvet covers now available online. It did seem to disappear from the sales arena for a short while but it is back with a vengeance after a new company took over the licensing rights. Is this the perfect gift for your partner or the perfect gift for a couple?

Toy Story merchandise

If you ask any children about their favourite characters and their favourite cartoons and movies there is no doubt that Toy Story will be one of their top five. As a consequence, the introduction of the Toy Story one, Toy Story two and Toy Story three duvet covers has certainly caught the attention of many parents around the UK.


The beauty of the novelty duvet cover market is the fact that it does change from year to year even if there are some stable elements in there. Fashions change, trends change and consumer choices will change on a regular basis but there is no doubt that the bedding market has been one of the quickest to adapt. It is also worth mentioning the Twister duvet cover which has been one of the most talked about duvet covers many years. It has been in and out of production for some time now and there are many who hope it will return in the very near future.


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